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Chapter 33 : Hits the Fan (Part 1)

The first seven pages of Chapter 33 are up! From this week onwards, the way the comic updates will be changing a bit. In order to focus more on quality, I will be focusing on making sure I’m happy with

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Chapter 32 : Buzzsaw

Chapter 32 is out now! Check out the climactic fight as this story arc comes to a close.

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Chapter 30 : A Short Time Ago

Chapter 30 is up and around for all to see. Not seeing it is not an option. You will see it.

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Chapter 29 : Toss-up

Chapter 29 is here, it’s near, it’s so close you can taste it. But don’t taste it. Just look at it.

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Chapter 27 was made in heaven

That rhyme is so cheesy. But, effective. Sort of. In the sense that it’s about cults and stuff. Vaguely. Check it out!

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Chapter 26 has… Sticks

Chapter 26 has brought a new truth to light… that not many things rhyme with “six”. Go check it out and see for yourself!

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What’s Chapter 25? It’s that new thing.

If you want to see it, you can see it. Nobody’s stopping you.

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Chapter 24 has come into existance

Chapter 24 is alive, if you can call this living. It needs to be seen to truly feel alive.

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Chapter 23 is a thing now.

Chapter 23 has now been delivered straight to your door. Except someone stole it before you got home. That’s alright, though. You can still see what remains.

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Chapter 22 is for up

Chapter 22 is here for all to see. Take your eyeballs and place them neatly into position.

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