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Chapter 33 : Hits the Fan (Part 1)

The first seven pages of Chapter 33 are up! From this week onwards, the way the comic updates will be changing a bit. In order to focus more on quality, I will be focusing on making sure I’m happy with

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Technical difficulties!

Sorry, everyone! Right now something is going on with the server and the pages aren’t loading. Working on the problem. Please check back soon!

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A new page has been added : Profiles. Go there to view descriptions of each character, possibly with some details that aren’t revealed in the comic itself.

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Sorry everyone! No new chapter this week due to illness. The next chapter will be out next Thursday. Until next time!

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Site launched!

Welcome to the webcomic, everybody. Hopefully you enjoy it for what it is : A comic on the internet. Please like and share this on Facebook and twitter birds. It really helps a lot. Enjoy!

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